Time to retire or find a better Vitamin ?

After 35 years of working in the transportation industry, you start to get tired. Is it the heart attack of 2017, the damage from the Toronto to our office and trailer, the fund rasing or is it just that I’m 74 years old? Our contest for 2018 “Find It If You Can” is becoming a big hit, it’s the office, the paper work and just trying to stay up with the new changes in our industry and writing good articles that is taking a toll. I miss the on the spot location – interaction with the drivers at the tour sites. 

Can I sell the hard stuff and just do the tour part where I get to go to different locations, talk to drivers, play games and drink tea? 

I will do a lot of thinking about what to do about this.   


What do I do now??

I’ll be 74 in a couple of months.(I just chuckled) Ya, I had all the neat thing happen to me and most people my age have, like heart attack, house catches fire, went bald, lost 1/2 my hearing, eyes went bad and saw some of my friends pass away. When I talk to a lot of the youngers it surprises me that they think I’m already dead.

Well I’m not, at least I don’t think so. Most of our family tree (as branched off as it is) lives till the middle 90’s, so I got roughly 25 more years to go.

Here’s the question. What the hell do I do now? From what I see out there, I have more knowledge in my big toe than 75% of some half my age, and I actually want to work.

Hell. never mind I’m going to Camping Word and buying a motor home.

Successful Weight Control

It’s not just cutting calories
Eating less, or cutting back on fat in your diet, won’t keep the weight off. What you really need to do is strike a good balance between the number of calories you consume and the number you burn. And the only way to do that is to exercise.

Don’t groan! By exercising, you can lose weight while you eat more calories than if you simply went on a diet. Regular physical activity is much more effective at keeping the weight off in the long run than any diet.

One choice is aerobic exercise
With aerobic exercise, you can lose weight without drastically reducing the calories you consume or sacrificing important nutritional needs. One reason for this is because aerobic exercise not only elevates your metabolism while you’re exercising, it can also keep it elevated even after you’re done, depending of course on how long and how strong you exercise.

You’ve probably heard about exercise programs that actually turn your body into a “fat-burning machine.” Aerobics can do that. An aerobic program you stick with can help you lose weight easier because it can stimulate your body and make it burn calories.

If weight control is your goal, some types of aerobic activity will work better than others. Low-impact aerobics, like walking, step aerobics and low-impact aerobic dance are your best bets. Some good no-impact aerobic activities you can benefit from include swimming, bicycling and rowing.

If you’re just getting started, begin with as little as 15 minutes of low-impact aerobics three times a week. Gradually increase to 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity four times a week.

Strength training = weight management
Your muscles burn calories during physical activity. What you may not know is your muscles also burn calories when your body is at rest. Increase your muscle mass, and you’ll be increasing your body’s capacity to burn calories both during activity and at rest.

Add to that the research that shows diets that restrict calories substantially can cause the loss of lean muscle mass, along with the loss of fat. By incorporating strength training into your activity program, as well as following a moderate diet, you’ll be able to maintain lean muscle mass while you lose fat.

Start any strength-training program with one set of exercises and a weight that allows you to complete eight to 12 repetitions. Your program should exercise your legs, arms, chest and upper back. If you want to strengthen your stomach and lower back, increase the number of repetitions with weights that offer less resistance.

Success means good eating and good exercise
Follow a moderate low-fat diet and an exercise program that combines aerobic activity and strength training. That’s the key to losing weight — and keeping it off.

Begin slowly with exercises you find comfortable and build as your body becomes accustomed to the activity level. Don’t start out too hard or too fast. Chances are you may injure yourself or quit before you’ve done yourself much good.

And remember, you can’t lose weight overnight. Set a realistic weight-loss goal for yourself — like one to two pounds a week — eat healthy, get going on a program of regular physical activity, and you’ll be delighted by what you accomplish.

Maintaining a lower, healthier body weight is something you can accomplish. So start now and keep on going! 

No one can miss our trailers

Over the years a lot of people that look at this site think I’m looking for a job. I am not. I need to get to the people that make the advertising decisions for their companies. We have a unique opportunity in the transportation industry with the stops our Health & Wellness tour locations make and now with the new scavenger hunt game for 2018 we are having a lot of fun. Here is what the problem is – we are a non-profit totally volunteer company, yes that includes ME. Ask my wife, I’m broke. We need help putting these programs together and we do a dam good job doing it, but I can not do it alone no matter how much I try. SOOOO , help us out by going to our home page and help support a driver.


Hell, I’ll even send you a container of Joes Hand cleaner.



10 Steps for living at a Healthy Goal Weight

  1. “Reframe” living at a healthy goal weight as a skill to be learned through practice and more practice, not as result of discipline or personality change.
  2. Recognize the risks of living at an unhealthy weight and how it accelerates chronic diseases and impedes the achievement of optimal health.
  3. It is the kind, not the amount, of weight one loses that sets the pathway to optimal health. It is essential to establish a personalized healthy goal weight through reduction of excess body fat while maintaining, or increasing, lean mass and bone density.
  4. Use a pedometer-based program with demonstrated effectiveness as a practical plan for increasing physical activity levels.
  5. Integrate the use of a nutritionally-enhanced meal replacement as part of living at a healthy goal weight.
  6. Use the Glycemic Load Index to improve carbohydrate intakes.
  7. Use the Calorie Yardsticks to estimate, not count, calories. Keep it simple.
  8. Rely on science, not ads and testimonies when selecting dietary supplements.
  9. Monitor your progress using established “biomarkers.”
  10. Practice controlling your environment. Don’t let it control you!

The two questions successful people ask themselves.

Over the last 50 or so years I have been taught a lot, learned a lot and failed a lot. Guess it’s called human nature. It wasn’t until I was 60 that I began to read the classics, if I only knew. Hell, it took longer to have a mental thought that actually meant something and that is what this story is about.

What makes people successful?

Maybe it’s this simple phrase that goes through their successful brain 2 times a day.

  1. First thing in the morning — Who can I help or what can I accomplish today?
  2. The last thing before I go to sleep —- Have I helped some one today and did I accomplish what I set out to do this morning?

Maybe it’s not about themselves.

The Wall of “STUPIDITY”

Talking about America and it’s security blows me over the wall every time. But, let me note, I will be the first one to vote to keep our country secure. Yes, there are people who hate our way of living. But from who, what and where is our security threatened is the question that blows my mind. We have seen walls, motes and alligator pits built ever sense man learned to walk. Do we have any still standing today. NO.  In fact; for you younger’s there is a country called Germany and it had a wall called – the Berlin Wall. How did that work for them?  O’ I forgot China had one too and now all 3,000 miles of it is a tourist spot.

The influx of people coming or wanting to come to America is great and I can see why. Who doesn’t want freedom and a chance for a better life. My family tree started from Poland as a young Jewish father fled from persecution and here is where I see the difference that a wall will have no bearing on.

When Stanislaus Joseph Pawelek  my great grandfather came to America, he paid for the trip. He had some place to stay and HAD to find a JOB really really fast.

Now if he came to America today, here is what he won’t have to worry about

  1. A place to stay— Bernie will get him one (Yes, for free)
  2. His medical? — O YA – Hillary would have provided him with that too, plus all his family and YA – FOR FREE.  O, by the way- Obama-nation care cost me $1,500 a month, used to be $600 and I have to die before I get to use it.
  3. Well, we still have to get a job -RIGHT? No, we pay MILLIONS to them for no reason at all. Last average I saw was $700 per person
  4. Well, we have to pay for food right, NO that’s free too.

Well Bernie and Hillary will take care of those bills right? NO it’s YOU and Me that pay that bill.

HERE’S my question.

If you knew all of this was NOT available to you would you come here?


If they check out at the border, get a job, pay into the system, your welcome here. The rest of you from Calif and New York go to hell!

Writing this has really made me think on how I can cash in too, so I am going down town tomorrow and when I fill out the form for all the free stuff and they ask me who I am this is what I will say with a smile:

I am Barry; a white, black, straight, homosexual, female, man, transsexual, democrat, republican, christian, atheist, prostitute, AA member. Where’s my check?

O you looked at me – now I’m hurt!


The fallacy of exercise – a series.

This will be an open article and basically an opinion that will try to answer a few items on my mind about our health and how it is addressed in the transportation industry.

Over the last 73 years I have seen a lot, even thou the last 30 years have confused me the most, I find the last 10 make me scratch my head a lot. I could start with all the political jargon, but that’s already being covered by far smarter then I. I therefore want to talk about something that we see more and more information on but know less and less about and that is exercise or the fallacy of it.

I work in the transportation industry and have been for over 45 years. I have seen a lot of things start and stop when it comes to ideas on how to make our industry better. The one I’ll talk about today is truck driver’s health.

Over the last 10 to 15 years I have seen companies spend some serious coin on programs to get drivers healthy most of them expecting a great return on their investment. Out of all the groups most have not lasted more than 2 years. I also know a lot of companies that have spent about $100 a month per driver to help them get healthy. What happened to them and why did their programs fail and why is it that over 75% of the drivers today will either fail their next DOT exam or have a major health issue to deal with?

Could it be were not getting the correct message out there or the message is being delivered by unqualified people that call themselves “trainers” or we just don’t care enough about our health?

I’ll try to address all three concerns one by one over the next few articles.

What is the correct message?
Supplements  — Liquid, Powder or pill.

For a billion-dollar business you would think it would have a lot more government regulation attached to it somewhere. Well there is very little or none. The government and the consumer have very little knowledge of what is in the potion you buy. It’s the companies trade secret they say. Very few if any testing cycles are done to see if the quality is even there.

Well in my humble opinion you will not see a jenny craig or weigh watcher advertising campaign telling you that eating healthy will work the same way. Maybe you eating that good food will not make them a 100 million in sales this year and have them telling you the truth about how many will really loss all that fat if they use their product. I guess they forget to tell you to read the very fine print on the bottom of the program. There are a few magic words there sometimes, one starts with the letter “E”.

Heart Attack, Tornado and a house fire

                          What do they have in common you ask?                                                             They all happened in one year to me. It started in January, I had quadruple by pass surgery. Not bad for a 73 year old guy who is basically in good shape. Then in May we had over $50,000 worth of tornado damage to our office and now the year is finishing off with a house fire two days before Christmas. Normally, I have good luck and these problems usually don’t occur, but when they do – watch out. I have to say it’s not easy trying to handle all of this in one year.  BUT !!! I am looking forward to 2018, I mean what else can happen? RIGHT! In 2018 I have a few things I have to really concentrate on. One, our company. When the founder and chief fundraiser goes down for 6 months and gets the other surprises thrown at him it gets to be interesting. When your a non-profit and a totally volunteer company who does the bossing around when your drugged out and in bed with a couple hundred stitches in your chest?

Well, most people that know me know two things about me. One, I’m to stupid to quit and two, I might be a little stubborn.

In 2018 we will have a contest called “Find It If You Can” set up for our over the road drivers. We have hidden over 300 different chips all over the USA and will give clues out to where to find the chips that represent gifts like steer tires, CB radios and Blue Tiger head sets.

Hope you ALL have a great NEW YEAR

Barry Pawelek                                                                                                                          Founder                                                                                                                                            Walk A Mile America Foundation