The Positive of a Negative

Our mind does work in a strange and funny way, it can teach us to love and understand one another but; when it’s not working it can be strong enough to get us killed.

The topic today is how can we take a Negative and change it to a Positive, and so far this trick no one has figured out yet. How do we get the brain to do either – or.

Studies have shown that the brain secretes different chemicals for different emotions like pain, hate or love.

The one I am concerned about here is the one they call depression, which is diffidently a pain. Studies have shown that a very successful person and a total loser can have the same negative chemical release and without help could kill them both.

Yes, they do have drugs that doctors will gladly give you to fix your mental state, but what if you don’t like drugs?

If our brain is totally UNDER – WORKED as studies have shown, why can’t we get beyond that 10 to 12 percent they say we now use and push it up to a  50 percent mental goody – goody fix?

I ask this because there is one mental state I will talk about here and that is PTSD, a battle of the brain with reality and a lot of our military come back from war with it, including me.

I have dealt with it all my life, but it took 73 years before I could speak the words out loud or tell someone I have it and even though I am typing this story it is right there kicking my butt.

Yes, I could go to the doctor and get some really really good meds, but in my case I tried something I learned by mistake using pot a long , long, long time ago. No, I didn’t say go get some pot and if I used it and I’m not saying I did because, if I did it, would be like what Bill Clinton said, I didn’t inhale.

I know drugs will only take your mind away from reality, but I also know that may have helped vets stay alive another day. This mellow feeling state is what I am talking about now.  How can I get to that mellow state not using drugs?

I learned to spot and adjust to that mellow state years ago and cancel the pot state over time. I believe they called it meditation. At first I knew nothing about what I was doing, talking about or experiencing, but I knew it helped a lot when I practiced it.

Over the years I learned and studied a lot about meditation and the how’s and why’s of why it works and how it worked for me. It might not for you. But it was better then that drug comatose most medications give me, so at least look into it.

It has become more available, understood and taught even in the United States, because the VA now has classes on it.

Meditation is not a sure kill fix, especially if you try it short term, but with practice you learn to see the clues that drive you nuts and you now learn to control them so they do less damage to your happy side and that is great.

If you need information on, who and where and the why of this type of therapy just go to our web page we will try to help. Note: we are not doctors and give 0 medical advice, so you won’t get a bill.

But ALWAYS remember if you can’t control it call 911

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