Our Game is now ready !!

This is the “Find It If You Can” game that we have developed for our 2018 truck drivers Health & Wellness motivational program. Please remember we are the only 501-©- (3) totally volunteer company in the transportation industry today, so your participation in helping drivers is always needed and very much appreciated by them.

We cannot do anything without YOUR Help !!

The Game

Our game is covered by radio and news print.

Sponsors donate a prize for advertising their product on our game, we then hide that prize represented by a GOLDEN pin with a number and a tag on it. We then have drivers down load our Game App listed below.

  • Android à”find the pin”
  • Apple à“Find It If You Can”

We then set up clues for the drivers to follow to find that pin prize. We don’t hide the prize just the represented (pin).

Sponsors benefit in many ways:

  • Your tax-free product participation helps support our non-profit Health & Wellness program for a year.
  • The drivers have your company name and picture on their minds every time they try to follow the clues to your prize.
  • Every day, week and month we send out notices to the driver’s phone about the game.
  • We can link all the prizes you donated to your web page too.
  • Drivers that don’t find the prizes can also follow a link to your web page and get a special game price.

The game starts at $500. dollars and can go up to $7,500 a year, depends on attachments you want.

  • For $500. dollars you get (1) one pin for (1) one year.
    • Media Mention – Face Book, Twitter, Instagram, monthly.
    • 2 item sliders (pictures) for the app.
    • Tax credit
    • Product recognition (about your product) on media out lets when we talk about the game on radio, magazine and travel centers.

Other items you can attach to the game-

  • Ping notification -$1,000 very effective for branding your product.
  • E-Mail notification. You get all the game e-mails over 800 thousand -$2,500
  • Geo notification within 2 feet, Extra cost. $1,500
  • Try again link to your web site -$500.
  • The Green Leprechaun at your show booth. $2,500

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