When EVIL is no longer scared of the light.

Watching the current events of our world today should scare everyone, but it no longer does. When “there’s no way in hell” becomes hell, we have lost the society that made this nation what it was.

Sorry to say – WE – let it happen. It didn’t happen over night though, evil has a very long waiting period, so it took a few generations. It is a great game plan and a society that quits protection itself fails. The society let the basic fundamentals that built this nation fall apart by a chosen few, who as we see now were as goal minded as a NFL team. Evil knew who, what and where to get the plan started, he had worked it over and over starting with the first 2.

The question is, can we now get it back or is America’s time over?

I’m writing this little piece just after I saw evil come out of the darkness and smile over his newly concord home front.

Many people believe America was made by God because of our religious beliefs. The leaders of this great nation should be strong in that belief. That there is a God and we will follow his rules.

The other day our last president’s colors finally came out.  Here for the first time we now know he is a Muslim, he was brought up to believer in a false god and every person not of their beliefs dies. We actually elected a man to govern us for 8 years that had a 0  credit history on how to govern, he was bought and payed for by a chosen few.

For 8 years of evil with over 20 in his training by muslims that hate the true God,  he was put on the top to finish the work off.

Why do I think this.

The other day obama and his wife, two people that were on the top of a great nation show the true color of their muslim hearts. Two paintings were created one of him, one of her. Note by 2 different art people.

He choose a black man who’s history of painting has white people being decapitated. He was so happy. Said it made him feel like he was on a throne. Look at the painting, the only question I had was which side was the toilet paper holder put on?

She choose a black lady who’s hate of white people runs for years, especially white women and her past paintings show it all. What I can’t figure our is why she is trying to make Obama as a goldie locks child because the picture looks like a white girl.

The last 9 years might show how the down fall happened. We won’t know until it really happens, but it will.

Corruption runs rampant in almost every state there is now. We fail at education, health care and moral beliefs. The next generation does not have a clue on what is happening.

I wonder what a socialist America will do for the next generation?




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