Teaching Me to Love

Blanco 2002 to 2018

He taught, me to love and he taught me to cry.

He made me laugh when I didn’t even know why.  

I watched him grow from the day he showed up, not having a home a rough little mutt.

Our time together came, and the time now has gone. and now it’s time to let him go to his heavenly home.

He will join some other friends that have showed me love too, my friends Chelsea, Snickers, and gray matter too. But, let’s not forget Sage, Morris and you know who because they will be there with dog just looking for you.

Time went to fast, I didn’t seem to notice and before I knew it sixteen years had passed.

But the day now has come when I need to say good bye and the tears will flow again in my sadden eyes.

Only some will know my pain as I looked at his eyes, we all understands we all must die. But as my days go by I know one thing. There’s was no end to his affection, he loved me from day one and I loved him back.


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